There are some great excursions in Exuma

Off Island Adventures

Off Island Adventures (OIA) offers personalized custom charters in the pristine waters of the Exuma archipelago, in The Bahamas. Snorkel a Blue Hole, an Elkhorn coral reef, visit White Cay, filmed location for Pirates of the Caribbean II and III, relax on an endless sand bank, camp under the stars, kitesurf the crystal clear waters...
Villa Reverie guests now have the opportuninty of an extra hour boating with Off Island Adventure!  
Ph#.(242) 524-0524


Snorkeling in the Exuma Islands (or Cays) is unlike anywhere else in the world. Crystal clear waters, protected bays, beaches, and hundreds of reefs provide for spectacular sight-seeing in an underwater world that is full of tropical marine life. Even first time snorkelers and boaters are amazed at how easily they become comfortable with the snorkeling experience.


Sea beans from the Amazon, Japanese and Portuguese glass balls from the fishing fleets, large conch shells, sand dollars, sea biscuits, starfish, and rare sea glass are among some of the treasures that our guests have stumbled across in their beachcombing adventures on the beaches in front of the house. Hundreds of deserted beaches exist throughout the Exuma Cays, and they are all accessible by car or by small boat. Because the islands are virtually uninhabited, there is no telling what might have washed up within the last 24 hours.


The 007 Boat Trip

A full day’s cruise in and out of 150 little islands and cays through the beautiful waters of Great Exuma through to Compass Cay .You then go snorkelling through the canyons and caves of Thunderball grotto and swim with the sharks and with the pigs (yes about 15 pigs swim out to greet you). Office +1 242 336 3422


Doug Rowe

Husband of my property manager and a good, efficient person to show you around by boat .You can visit the shallow waters where you will see huge stingrays, dolphins and green-backed turtles and feed shoals of colourful fish. Step on a sand bank and walk among the starfish and sand dollars-a flat sea urchin. For keen anglers bone-fishing is a must. You can catch fish of up to 5lb on the fly. Its a real adrenaline rush when the fish takes 500 feet of your line! Office +1 242 336 3440