National Family Island Regatta - April 26-30 - 2011

In the year 1954, Great Exuma welcomed its very first Regatta. Although the race’s first participants appeared to be amateurs, the rules were established, and the competitors proved their worthiness. Since then, the Regatta has become an annual event, and one of the island’s most popular activities. It is now called The National Family Island Regatta.

The following three articles were written by Robert Keir who attended the onset of Great Exuma’s first Regatta. His account of the island’s first organized boating competition is detailed, and well-describes the weather conditions, the exciting atmosphere of that weekend, as well as the race, its participants and its winners. He comments on how this relatively small event has played an important role in placing Great Exuma on the world’s list of sun and fun destinations. Today, the Regatta—open only to sailboats that are "designed, built, owned, skippered and crewed by Bahamians"—has evolved into one of The Bahamas' famous attractions.