Bonefishing Bonanza

Fishing in The Bahamas - a bonefishing bonanza

If you’d like a rewardingly technical angling challenge in The Bahamas, bonefishing is for you. For that reason it’s been getting increasingly popular, so opportunities and facilities abound. For the most consistently fine Bahamas bonefishing, head for Andros, dubbed ‘the bonefish capital of the world’. Exuma and Abaco also have top spots for fishing in The Bahamas, but these wily creatures also inhabit the shallow waters of the mud flats around many of the islands. In the southern islands of Mayaguana, Crooked Island & Acklins and Inagua, locals describe the bonefish as “lazing around and dying of old age”! On the up While fishing The Bahamas, hooking and landing the ‘grey ghost’ of the flats can be a knife-edge adventure. Once hooked, they can reach a speed of 30mph, forcing you to call on every one of your angling skills to bring it in. That’s why bonefishing has become one of the most popular types of fishing in The Bahamas’ waters, with fly fishers finding it particularly rewarding. They say “once you’ve hooked a bone, there ain’t no looking back!” Read about local legend Bonefish Folley, and his tales of Bahamas bonefishing past and present…